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Switch to Solar, It's Easy-Breezy with Us!

Avoid Solar Panels Scam in Florida

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Florida, known for its abundant sunshine, has become a popular destination for homeowners looking to harness the power of solar energy. However, with the rise in popularity of solar panels, there has also been an increase in scams targeting unsuspecting consumers. It is important for Florida residents to be aware of these scams and take necessary precautions to protect themselves.

Understanding the Solar Panels Scam

The solar panels scam typically involves dishonest companies or individuals who promise significant savings on energy bills through the installation of solar panels. They may use high-pressure sales tactics, offer limited-time deals, or claim to have exclusive partnerships with government agencies or reputable solar energy companies.

These scammers often target vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly or those with limited knowledge about solar energy. They may provide false information about government incentives, tax credits, or exaggerated savings to convince homeowners to sign contracts without fully understanding the terms and conditions.

Warning Signs of a Solar Panels Scam

It is crucial to be aware of the warning signs that indicate a potential solar panels scam:

  • Unsolicited door-to-door sales: Be cautious of salespeople who show up uninvited at your doorstep, claiming to offer free solar panel installations or huge discounts.
  • High-pressure sales tactics: Scammers often use aggressive tactics to pressure homeowners into making quick decisions without proper research or consultation.
  • Requests for upfront payment: Legitimate solar energy companies typically do not require upfront payment. If a company insists on receiving payment before any work is done, it could be a red flag.
  • Unverifiable credentials: Research the company and check for proper licensing, certifications, and customer reviews. Be wary of companies that cannot provide verifiable credentials.
  • Unrealistic savings claims: If a company promises savings that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Do your own research and consult multiple reputable sources to get a realistic understanding of the potential savings from solar panels.

Protecting Yourself from Solar Panels Scams

Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself from falling victim to a solar panels scam:

  1. Do your research: Take the time to educate yourself about solar energy, government incentives, and reputable solar energy companies in Florida. This will help you make informed decisions and identify potential scams.
  2. Get multiple quotes: Reach out to multiple solar energy companies to get quotes and compare their offers. This will help you identify any suspiciously low or high prices.
  3. Read contracts carefully: Before signing any contracts, carefully review all terms and conditions. If there is anything you do not understand, seek clarification from the company or consult a legal professional.
  4. Ask for references: Request references from the company and reach out to past customers to inquire about their experience. Legitimate companies will gladly provide references.
  5. Report suspicious activity: If you encounter a potential solar panels scam or have been a victim of one, report it to your local authorities, the Florida Attorney General's office, or the Better Business Bureau.


While solar energy can provide numerous benefits, it is essential to be cautious of scams that target unsuspecting homeowners. By staying informed, conducting thorough research, and being aware of the warning signs, you can protect yourself from falling victim to a solar panels scam in Florida.

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