Switch to Solar, It's Easy-Breezy with Us!

Switch to Solar, It's Easy-Breezy with Us!

Home Solar Panels

Get the most efficient and reliable home solar panels in Florida.

Top Rated Home Solar Panels

Home Solar Get the most efficient and reliable home solar panels in Florida.

Easy Green Energy provides the highest quality home solar panels in Florida and reliable installation services you can count on. We will make it easy if you are ready to make the switch.

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Benefits Of Home Solar Panels

There’s never been a better time for Florida homeowners to take advantage of the money-saving benefits of adding home solar panels. With the solar tax credit, homeowners can save 30% on project costs and installation, making it even more affordable to switch to clean energy.

How Much Do Home Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of home solar panels in Florida varies based on home size, energy needs, roof age, and more. The average solar project can cost between $15 – $95k, depending on the connection type and if solar batteries are used. Learn more and estimate your costs of adding home solar panels using our free homeowner’s guide.

How Much Will You Save With Solar Panels?

Electricity costs in Florida increase at an average of 2-4% each year.

With solar panels, your energy costs remain the same, and you own the system. Homeowners will often see an immediate reduction in monthly energy costs and significant lifetime savings.

While costs and savings can vary, homeowners save an average of $10,000 or more with home solar panels. Request a free solar estimate today, get a cost/savings breakdown specific to your home, and make an informed decision.

How To Get Solar Panels For Your Florida Home

Switching from grid energy to solar power can seem intimidating, but it’s pretty simple!

Our experts have perfected the process to make it easy for homeowners and will handle 100% of the permitting and paperwork process.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Easy Green Energy.

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How To Choose A Residential Solar Installer In Florida

Getting the best home solar panels requires using Florida’s best solar energy company.

Otherwise, you could end up with an improperly sized system, pay more for installation costs, or be waitlisted for months.

Here’s what makes us the best choice for St. Augustine and Jacksonville homeowners:

We can submit project plans and begin permitting in as little as two weeks. Other Florida solar companies can take two months or longer.

We use the highest-rated rooftop solar panels to ensure switching saves you money in the long run.

We live and work in the communities we serve. We’re invested in your project and provide superior quality & service because of it.

We offer 25-year warranties for all projects. Get peace of mind knowing we will be here to help you now and in the future.

Our Service Areas

We provide home solar panel services to Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Clearwater, Pasco County, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Westchase, New Tampa, South Tampa, Hillsborough County, Town and Country, and everywhere in between in Florida!

Visit our locations page to learn more, see recent solar installations, and read real customer case studies on how much they’ve saved with home solar panels.

Real Solar Experts

When considering adding commercial solar panels, you need a solar company that offers personalized services to meet the needs of your business – not a cookie-cutter approach. At Easy Green Energy, we can give you exactly that. From design to installation, you can expect to work with trustworthy people passionate about solar power.

FAQs About Residential Solar Panels

Want to know if your Florida home is a good fit for solar panels? Click to access our checklist for Florida homeowners and find out!

You are not required to purchase or install solar batteries to switch your home to solar power. Instead, you can remain connected to the energy grid and draw power at night or peak times.

How many solar panels your home will need to offset your electricity bill will be based on your home’s size and energy consumption. Get a free solar panel quote to estimate those totals and a range of how many solar panels your home will need.

We carry several of the highest-rated solar panels for Florida homes, including Enphase, Jinko, and Solar Edge.

Florida's homeowners can avoid solar panel scams and ensure they get the best home energy system by comparing at least what other solar providers offer you, including warranty and working with a licensed solar installer with many years of experience.

Studies strongly suggest that national solar installers charge an average of 10% more for home solar panels than local options. In addition to project savings, local solar companies like Easy Green Energy offer higher customer service and better warranty options.

Yes, Easy Green Energy does provide free solar quotes and project estimates for Florida homeowners. Learn more and schedule online.

Our experts are here to help! Call us at (813) 771-2833 or message us from our Contact Page!

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