Switch to Solar, It's Easy-Breezy with Us!

Switch to Solar, It's Easy-Breezy with Us!

2023 Homeowner Guide: Solar Panel Cost In Florida

Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar panel costs have dropped significantly over the last decade and home energy systems are now more affordable than ever.

While project costs can vary, having an idea of what it might cost to switch to solar power can help you decide if it’s right for your home.
In this guide, we’ll cover the following:
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home


Avg Energy Bill Offset

How Much Does It Cost To Go Solar In Florida?

Data shows the average cost to go solar in Florida is $35,000 if you don’t qualify for the federal tax credit. If you do qualify, the average solar panel project cost is $24,500. However, project costs vary based on system size, tax credit, and financing costs. This data table can be used to estimate your solar panel cost based on your approximate roof size.
System Size
Avg Price Before Federal Tax Credit
Avg Price After Federal Tax Credit
Appropriate Roof Size (sq ft)
9 kW
10 kW
11 kW
12 kW
13 kW
14 kW
15 kW

Breakdown Of Solar Panel Costs

The total cost of a home solar system includes more than just the cost of each individual solar panel. Even the most basic system will require roof mourning hardware, inverters, wiring, and electrical hookups. For the average home energy system, solar panel costs can be broken down into five categories.
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home

Home Energy System Components

While knowing the average cost of Florida solar panels can be helpful when budgeting, the final project cost can vary based on home size and each component of the system.
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What Would It Cost You To Go Solar?

Uncover the financial potential of solar energy with “What Would It Cost You To Go Solar?” Take the hassle out of calculating the expenses associated with solar panels for your home by simply requesting a complimentary quote from our team of experts.

Our professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of your current energy consumption, strategically identify optimal placement for maximum production, and custom-design a solar system tailored to help you save on energy expenses. With the detailed breakdown of solar costs provided, you can make an informed decision about the feasibility of transitioning to solar power for your home and meet your specific energy requirements.

Embrace the future of sustainable and cost-effective energy – inquire today!

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Factors That Impact Solar Panel Costs

Comparing solar panel quotes or looking for ways to save? Learn what factors influence the cost of solar panels.
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home
Solar Panel Cost Variable #1

System Size

Larger home energy systems will require more solar panels and components and thus increase costs across the board. Making sure to work with a licensed solar energy company in Florida is one way to ensure you buy a properly sized system. One too large will increase project costs and reduce long-term savings, while one too small will not cover all electricity needs.
Solar Panel Cost Variable #2

Solar Panel Type

There are three main types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Each type varies in efficiency, longevity, and price.
These are the best option for Florida homes. They are cut from a single source of silicon which makes them more efficient and take up less space. In addition, they have the longest lifespan and work well in warm weather, both of which are important for Florida homeowners. This is the most expensive type of home solar panel.
This type of panel is blue in color and are created by blending multiple sources of silicon. This is what makes them about 20% less efficient. Price is related to energy efficiency levels, so Florida homeowners can expect to pay 20% less compared to monocrystalline solar panels.
These are flexible and best suited for smaller projects like a shed or RV. They are made of one or more layers of thin-film material that absorb light and produce electricity. They’re made using amorphous silicon thin film, cadmium telluride thin film, gallium arsenide or copper indium gallium selenide. These are the least expensive type of solar panels, but they also have lower lifespans and warranty periods, making them less than ideal for Florida homes.
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home
Solar Panel Cost Variable #3

Solar Batteries / Connection Type

Adding one battery can double or triple the costs of solar panels. Each solar battery (larger homes need multiple) can cost upwards of $10,000. In addition, extra solar panels will have to be added to maintain battery levels and ensure they remain full.

Forgoing solar batteries and remaining connected to the energy grid is the single best way to reduce solar panel costs. Also called net-meeting, this type of solar connection allows you to earn credits for extra energy produced and sent back to the grid. Florida Power & Light, Gulf Power, Duke Energy, and Tampa Electric Company all offer net metering programs.
Solar Panel Cost Variable #4

Tax Credit

The solar tax credit can cut project costs by 30%, but only if the tax credit amount is less than your tax liability. Put another way, this is a nonrefundable tax credit which means you cannot use it to get money back from the government if you did not pay enough in taxes for that year. This can limit savings for those that are retired or on limited incomes.
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home
Solar Panel Cost Variable #5

Payment Method

Paying for solar panels using cash is the most cost-effective option and helps you avoid down payments, interest, and finance charges. However, this is not feedable for most Florida homeowners. Special financing does exist for home energy systems, but homeowners need to understand that extra fees can increase solar panel costs.
Get Help From A Florida Solar Installer

Calculate Solar Panel Costs For Your Home

Knowing how many panels you need and the costs associated with switching to solar can be difficult and time-consuming for any homeowner. Let our experts do it for free!

We will visit your home to provide a free roof inspection, calculate your energy needs, and design a home solar system to maximize productivity and eliminate your energy bill. The best part is that it’s 100% free and no-obligation. Schedule online and know the true cost of solar panels for your home!
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home

How To Evaluate Solar Panel Costs In Florida

Having a uniform way to calculate solar costs can help you compare quotes to get the best deal and compare the cost of solar to grid energy to calculate lifetime savings. There are two main ways you can do this:

  • Price per kWh – comparing solar cost to grid energy 
  • Price per watt – comparing quotes from multiple solar companies

Recap Of Ways To Evaluate Solar Costs In Florida

GROSS system cost / Total system wattage
NET system cost / Total lifetime system production
Useful for comparing solar quotes against one another
Useful for comparing solar versus utility bill
Pertains to the POWER of a system
Pertains to the PRODUCTION of a system
Typically $3.00-4.00/watt
Typically $0.06-0.09/kWh
Cost Guide Learn how to estimate the cost to add rooftop solar panels to your Florida home
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Solar Panel Cost FAQs

Don’t install solar batteries. If your budget is tight, we recommend going with a grid-tied solar energy system. This will save you thousands in project costs and allow you to break even on the investment faster. Claim the solar tax credit. The second way to lower solar panel installation costs is to speak to a tax professional and make sure you qualify. This will allow you to recoup 30% of project costs. Check for local/state solar incentives. Jacksonville, Boynton Beach, and Dunedin homeowners may qualify for additional local solar incentives to reduce the cost of solar panels. Jacksonville offers $2,000 in rebates for installing a solar battery Boynton Beach offers up to $1,500 in rebates for installing a PV system with an efficiency of over 17.5% Dunedin has a grant program that provides up to $2,500 in rebates for energy produced with your system Duke Energy customers can get a cashback incentive for performing an energy audit on your home and for installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger.

Yes, homeowners can finance the cost to go solar in Florida. In fact, several programs are available that are tailored to the needs of homeowners and offer $0 down, competitive rates, and terms up to 25 years. Homeowners can also get financing through a bank or credit union through a home loan or HELOC. Financing does not impact your ability to claim the solar tax credit.

Calculating the project's ROI or return on investment is one way to determine your payback period when switching to solar. Using the estimated project costs and projected lifetime savings, you can calculate how long it takes to save the amount you invested. For most Florida homeowners, it’s anywhere from 9-15 years. Learn more in our Solar ROI Guide.
No, there are currently no programs that provide free solar panels to homeowners. However, financing programs allow you to switch to solar with $0 down and $0 out of pocket.

Many variables influence the cost of going solar for Florida homeowners – many of which can be hard to calculate. The best way to learn the true cost of solar panels for your home is to get a quote from a licensed solar energy company like Easy Green Energy.

Our experts will analyze your home’s energy usage, your roof, and design a system that operates with maximum effectivity to eliminate your energy bill. Plus, we will provide a detailed cost and savings breakdown, so you can decide if switching makes sense for your home and budget. It’s free to get started – call (813) 771-2833 or schedule online now!